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Physical Address

6 Scott Street,


Cape Town 8001

South Africa


Free Parking in front of the house

Postal Address

P.O.Box.: 12847

Mill Street, Gardens,

Cape Town 8010

South Africa


Office number South Africa
+27 (0)21 462 71 97

Office number German (Voip)
+49 (0)40 41 43 15 596

+27 (0) 86 558 68 68

Frequently Asked Questions


Does Six on Scott offer parking?

We do not offer any off-street parking. There is generally enough parking available in front of the guesthouse, up the street, or in the parking bays on the right. Always make sure you have not parked on the yellow line, or blocked any driveways or entrances. Also note: parking is strictly at your own risk. We recommend leaving nothing in your car and keeping the glove compartment open.

How do we get around in Cape Town?

As Six on Scott is centrally located, so many places are walking distance from the guesthouse. Besides walking, we recommend the following means of transport in Cape Town.

Cab or taxi or best Uber

There are a number of metered taxis available. It’s easy to find one near major attractions or at the airport. However, Uber would be your best bet.  We highly recommend the Uber service – simply get the app and register yourself.

Car hire

All the major companies operate out of the airport and have city depots. It is easy to drive, though the city can get congested (especially during peak traffic).


Cape Town has become a very bike-friendly city, with dedicated bike lanes in most areas and some of the world’s biggest cycle races hosted here. Cycling in Cape Town is not only a fun and healthy sport—it can also be a great way to get around the city.

Mini bus taxi

To travel like a local, hop on a minibus taxi for a memorable ride. They can be found on main roads and hubs like Cape Town Railway Stations roof, and at taxi ranks in the suburbs and townships. Fares are affordable and you get on or off where you want. Expect local kwaito to be blaring and the ‘gaatjie’ (pronounced gaa-chi), or door operator, to be ready with clever commentary.


Cape Town has a number of private bus companies and commuter bus services, as well as the City Sightseeing bus.The City Sightseeing bus is an awesome way to experience the city at your own pace as you jump on and off at your leisure. The MyCiti bus is another quick and easy way to get around the city and surrounds.


Trains run basic commuter routes into the city and stretch out along the scenic Southern line, which extends as far as Simon’s Town. It is an affordable option to travel around the city but note reliability and safety can be a concern.

Is Cape Town Safe?

Yes, Cape Town is a great city and it is constantly on the list as one of the top destinations in the world. Besides, the growing number of approximately 1.5 million visitors per year are coming back with good reason. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that crime is also present here. From our daily experience, we believe that it is possible to avoid getting hit by crime if you follow these simple safety tips:

  • Don’t carry a lot of cash on you and keep expensive jewellery and cameras out of sight
  • Don’t leave your belongings unattended
  • Store your money safely; a money belt is a good choice
  • Do not venture into unknown areas alone and avoid neglected areas
  • Listen to the advice of your hosts and locals
  • Never allow strangers to assist you at cash machines (ATMs)
  • Keep certified copies of all travel and valuable documents in a safe place
  • Let someone know where you are going at all times and when to expect you back

More safety tips are available on the Cape Town website: Safety Cape Town

Isn’t there a water and electricity crisis in Cape Town?


No and yes, Cape Town had a severe drought and almost faced day zero, running out of water at the beginning of 2018. But the residents of Cape Town restricted their water usage to the extent that we avoided day zero. So the taps never stopped running. Since then, Cape Town water supply has recovered dramatically as the usual winter rains returned. That said, Cape Town residents have learnt that water is a precious resource, so we ask all our visitors to be mindful of their water consumption and to protect this resource.



Generally, we have enough electricity. Unfortunately, our electrical provider, Eskom, sometimes implements load shedding to avoid a power crisis. During load shedding, certain areas are not supplied with electricity for a short time span, but these areas are alternated, and we are given a schedule beforehand. Luckily Cape Town City Centre and the district of Gardens are seldom affected due to their central location.

6 Scott Street, Gardens,
Cape Town

Reservation Number:
+27 (0)21 462 71 97